Entrepreneur is defined as an enterprising individual who builds capital through risk and/or initiative. (~wikipedia ) and no one who knows Jim Perkins, creator and President of FairTradeWorks would doubt he falls within this category. He's risked a lot of capital and poured in a lot of hard work developing and pushing his dream of change in the construction industry into reality through his new company.

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What I do

I think out of the box. I can't help but think of solutions, even when they don't have to do with my business of construction. I believe that 's why I'm so passionate about FairTradeWorks and the changes I dream of it bringing into the industry. The current systems are just wrong. They aren't fair, they aren't efficient and they are definitely not client service based. With FairTradeWorks, I believe we can bring pride back to construction through our new innovative systems and services.


I kind of scoffed at my communications department when they called me a philanthropist while creating this website. Then, they provided me the true definition and the figures over the past year of what we've been able to contribute to the local Vancouver market and I'm proud to say that I am true philanthropist.

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